Eurogroep and IT Partner launch innovative joint venture

Bleskensgraaf, The Netherlands, 22 March 2018 – Eurotec and IT Partner are offering a new, all-encompassing solution for the AGV (Automatically Guided Vehicle) market by founding joint venture Eurobrain. Thanks to their collaboration, the Lowpad – an ultra-low AGV introduced by Eurotec (subsidiary of Eurogroep) last November – is now even better equipped to facilitate complex logistic processes in distribution centres and warehouses thanks to integrated software developed by Eurobrain. The joint venture enables companies to procure both smart software and laboursaving hardware from a single supplier.

Its height is what makes the Lowpad stand out: up to 30 cm lower than regular AGVs. As a result, the Lowpad is capable of transporting low trolleys and racks autonomously. Although the innovation is furnished with an on-board navigation and control system, Eurotec realised that connecting the vehicle to the customer’s management system (WMS/ERP) would make the Lowpad’s use even more efficient. This idea moved Eurotec to search for a software developer and led the company to IT Partner in Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht. IT Partner’s experience in the multi-cargo and container positioning sectors facilitated a natural connection between Eurobrain and Eurotec’s mission. The new, complementary piece of software will be delivered to Eurotec exclusively.

Supported by Eurobrain, Eurotec now has an integrated, all-encompassing solution on offer. “As a result of the joint venture, customers need only contact a single supplier for hardware, control, and integration,” says Dennis Brommert, Director Operations at IT Partner. With this, Eurobrain offers a technical solution that easily connects to the host system. 

The combination of software plus Lowpad makes for a big step forward in the full-out automation of distribution centres. The Lowpad navigates autonomously and efficiently by virtue of the integrated control system, which is fitted with security and measurement systems and connects to the central Lowpad Control System (Supervisor). This system comprises the fleet manager, traffic control, and graphics display. In addition, the Warehouse Control System (Organiser) takes care of process management based on smart algorithms, allowing for the control of complex order processing. Exactly this link was made by Eurobrain. In fact, the IT company does not rule out the possibility of equipping more Eurogroep products with this kind of software systems in the future.

The first demo of Eurotec and Eurobrain is expected shortly; in autumn, we may witness a Lowpad system that entirely functions on Eurobrain’s software.

Clik here to visit the website of Eurobrain.